time to work - 04 Feeling Guilty

Chapter 4
Feeling Guilty
Toni makes herself comfortable on her sofa while she takes the video call from Sarah. "First things first! I feel a little bit guilty. Do you remember when I asked Simon and Marie about feeling lonely? Marie got red cheeks and looked at Simon in a 'special' way. Did I reveal a secret? Are they only good friends or more?"

Toni admits, "Yes, I also saw it. But no. Actually, with them, there is nothing more. But everyone at the company talks about it already. I hope they will discover their secret love themselves. They are a perfect fit. By the way, I also feel guilty. We had this meeting today with, in the beginning, lots of talking and joking ... It was a relief after all the other boring and soulless meetings. But then, a colleague came in; he came too late and directly complained about the 'unstructured' dialogue. He even used the word 'useless talk'. Now I feel guilty about having had fun with my coworkers." 

"I totally feel you! I think meetings shall be inhumane and boring. Then we have something to look forward to in our leisure time." Sarah replies cynically. "My guilt is still not getting my tasks done without extra shifts in the evening. But the cure has already arrived in the form of John, the 'Senior Advisory Managing Consultant'. He has the order from the upper management to 'help' us become more productive!" Sarah continues ironically. 

"Oh, these consultants are always a pleasure. Perhaps he will help you with these asynchronous working methods that Simon and Marie use?! Just kidding..." Toni replies. Sarah negates, "Unfortunately, no. Not at all. The first thing he introduced was a status meeting to report our tasks. The only good thing is that it's not daily but 'only' twice a week." 

"Well, then ... I wish you all the best. Perhaps this will be the last time we will have the chance to meet again. You are now more than busy, I fear," Toni sarcastically answers. Sarah ends the call, "Thank you! It was a pleasure to be your friend. Fare well!..."
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time to work
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time to work is a true fictional story about async work. If you want to start changing your work style to more asynchronous ways of working, this is for you.
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