The small and handy web app for effective meetings and work sessions
Your time is one of your most valuable resources that cannot be renewed

Being focused improves quality, engagement, and effectiveness, whether in a meeting or working alone. 

Don't waste your time in meetings and work sessions by being unfocused, unaware, and inattentive. 

Let Time to Focus help you in just 60 seconds! 

What is Time to Focus?

Time to Focus is a small web app with a countdown timer, breathing aid, and text messages to help you focus.
Use it at the start of a meeting to ensure all participants are fully engaged and focused.
Or, you can use it for your personal deep work session to facilitate a calm and focused beginning.
Simply open the following link to see it in action!

The countdown will commence immediately, and the focus time will conclude once the circle in the center has completely disappeared. 
If you wish to restart, click the reload button in your browser.
Various versions and color schemes are available to cater to your specific preferences.
When to use Time to Focus?

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Your meeting participants...
  • ... are not fully present and lack concentration.
  • ... hate long check-in sessions at the start. 
  • ... find methods like full-body meditation exercises, which appear "esoteric", unsuitable for business gatherings.
  • ... procrastinate and struggle to begin your next work session.
  • ... have difficulty concentrating and easily get distracted.  
  • ... are unable to get into a flow state for deep work.
 Scroll down to see how it works in your next meeting and in your next deep work session...
1-minute focus for your next meeting

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How to use
  • At the beginning of your meeting, share your browser window in the video conference call or project it on the wall in your meeting room.
  • Introduce the 1-minute focus with the following words
    "I want to give us all the gift of joint focus and invite you to participate in a 1-minute focus! All you have to do is silently watch, read, and start to concentrate. Let's begin!"
  • Keep it simple. Don't explain too much, don't ask for permission, or engage in discussion. It's a 60-second time investment that will be highly valuable for all participants. They need to experience it, so just do it!
  • Click on this link to start your first session:
Make it a habit
Bookmark the link or include it in the agenda of your meeting.
It's important to establish a habit. Using it only once is not recommended. Once all participants get used to it and experience the benefits, they will never let you start a meeting without the joint time to focus!
Pro Tip: 
Try appending "?color=lightred" or "?color=growhuman" at the end of the URL to get different color variants, e.g.
Would you like a customized version with your own brand colors, a video, and a PowerPoint format? Please send me an email!
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Have a productive meeting!

1-minute focus for your next deep work session
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How to use

Wishing you a productive and focused time!

Your Feedback and Feature Ideas
The 1-minute focus is still in beta testing. I would appreciate your feedback on its usefulness and suggestions for improvement.
If you want your own version of the 1-minute focus with your brand colors, a video, and a PowerPoint version, please email me!
If you'd like, stay updated on new features and improvements by following me on LinkedIn.
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