time to work - 03 Bad Quality

Chapter 3
Bad Quality
"Do you see these grilled eggplants! Delicious!" Sarah points out while looking at the antipasti dishes in front of her. "Simon, Marie, you have to try them!". Simon, Marie and Toni instantly grab their spoons and fill their plates with the wonderful-looking antipasti. 

"Thank you for your video, Simon! Now I know how you are working and even have understood the concept of deep work." Sarah begins to speak while sipping her red wine. "I can't remember if I've been in a work state like this in the last few months." Simon nods, "Yes indeed, often all people at work are quite busy but not productive." 

"And there is another point" Marie adds "Introverts - as I am - cannot think and speak simultaneously as extroverts often do. Without constant chatting and talking, I can concentrate on the topic more deeply. Sometimes, you just need time to think things through!" Simon teases, "Marie, you are an introvert? Good to know! Now I understand why you are so silent and so smart!" Toni laughs "Simon, be careful! Never mess up with an introvert. They have secret superpowers." 

When the pizzas arrived, and the first slices were cut and shared on their dishes, Sarah is curious "Simon, Marie. Don't you feel alone sometimes..." Toni laughs "Sarah! Isn't that a bit too private?" "No, No, I mean, at work" smiles Sarah "...without any meeting, never talking to their coworkers, just deep working..." Marie replies, "I can reassure you. We still have meetings. But we use them mindfully and concentrate on discussion and socializing."

"Information sharing, for example, is often misusage of meetings." Simon explains. "In particular, when someone is missing in the meeting and the information is not documented well." "That's true..." Toni reflects, "None of the last meetings were complete. Someone was always missing, and no one really cared how they would receive the shared information." 
Sarah confirms, "Likewise, It would be great to get the information beforehand - like Simon's video! We were all ready to discuss when we arrived here at Da Mario". Marie smiles. "If you only knew that he had already made the video some time ago for our team and just had to send it out to you. But I won't tell you... Ups..." "It's no secret at all. That is a matter of efficiency" Simon laughs.

"Now you have to try the Tiramisu." Sarah suggests. "They make it very special here on the basis of a recipe from their grandma. She wrote it down precisely so that now even the junior chef can reproduce it perfectly. Who wants to try?"
time to work
a true fictional story about async work
Part I - The Beginning
Part II - Hard Times
  • to be continued...
time to work is a true fictional story about async work. If you want to start changing your work style to more asynchronous ways of working, this is for you.
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