After the third meeting in a row,
Sarah screams desperately

"Give me back my time and
let me do my work!"

of Senior Managers 
consider meetings they attend unproductive

of Senior Managers 
report that meetings get in the way of their work

of Senior Managers 
say meetings disrupt deep thinking
How can we have meetings,
that are not longer a waste of working time?
How can we end the back-to-back meeting mania?
And how regain control over our calendars?

Async work is here to the rescue!

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Learn here how to asynchronize your work
to get back time flexibility, allow for deep work and become more productive.

What problems occur
in our normal work life?

Sarah sits relaxed in her chair, yawning and lolling. "Toni, that was a workday from hell again!" she complains. "Who gives me back the time that I spent in these kinds of meetings?" And adds, "I couldn't even go to the bathroom for almost three hours!! That is real torture, some would say!"

Can you relate?

The full 9-week habit change program
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Async your workshop

Rethink your workshop as a facilitator using asynchronous methods
Find out the potential of asynchronous workshops
Get easy-to-apply tips and hacks for better workshops 
Take a facilitation master class on asynchronous workshop design
Facilitate better workshops with better results and more flexibility for yourself
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"What is an asynchronous workshop anyway?"  
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