Sep 1

No time for a bathroom break between meetings?

My personal record is 11 meetings in a row without any time to break.
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This back-to-back meeting mania is true for many office workers, independent of working at the office or from home. 

If you have the flexibility to choose your work location, working in a hybrid mode or even fully remote, but still bound in video calls all day, there is almost nothing won

And if you might be so lucky to be allowed for a workation. Let's say at a beautiful location near the beach, but you have back to back meetings from 8:30 to sunset, it might be better not to have the beach waiting for you, just around the corner. 
So, something fundamentally must change to gain more flexibility. If there only would be the chance to have fewer meetings and the chance to plan the own work tasks more flexibly.

Does this chance exist?

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